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Forget the stuffy singing studio's, I like to work with clients who are dedicated to expanding their knowledge and skills in their singing voice, whilst having a laugh and getting the job done!

Putting the confidence back into the professional singer. I understand how hard the industry is to navigate and work in and in my experience, this can have an effect on confidence within the

professional performer. I can support you in regaining your confidence in your voice and skill, whether you've taken a break from industry and want to get back into it, or just lost a little confidence in your ability or voice. 


My clients are predominately professional performers and students in performing arts training.

Let me help you re-vamp your rep folder, help you prepare for that upcoming audition or have a check in

with your technical work.  

Vocal Coaching

Audition Coaching

Acting Through Song

Online & in person

Song Feedback

I am skilled at being able to apply an appropriate vocal technical approach into song, taking into consideration context, acting through song, you! the singer, and the reason for singing the song (performance/audition etc).

You can book a 1-2-1 session with me in person or online OR I offer bespoke song feedback. Simply send in a recording of you singing your song and I will offer recorded feedback, giving your the best tips and tricks to help boost your voice and performance taking it to the next level! This service is best suited to singers and performers working at a professional level. 

New clients will only be accepted after an initial consultation. This is to ensure that I am right for you and

that I feel confident I can help you develop your voice. It is important that this is a two way relationship

and that both parties are happy.

For a specific pricing for you requirements and to discuss the right class for you, please contact Ashley

directly through the contact form.

Prices start from £50 per hour. 


Ashley coaches clients in person at his home studio (Birmingham, Midlands) and online.


For Musical Directing and Workshop services please contact Ashley on where he will be happy to help you.

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